GENEROCITY. Some people are hell-bent on world domination, greed, and making money (more than they will ever need!) Shouldn’t there be a board game that rewards kindness? A game of winner gives all rather than winner takes all? Welcome to GeneroCity, where you fill the shoes of humanitarian philanthropists, and use your power for good, not evil. 
NEWLEAF. A virtual environmental Micronation for populations across the globe who want to preserve our shared home for generations. It is an international dual-citizenship for people, businesses and even nations, who get recognised and rewarded for their eco-friendly behaviour. 
SICKLE CELL ANAEMIA. Sickle Cell Anaemia is an inherited condition, meaning that from birth, growing children require explanations to help understand their illness as they develop. In response to this, we created a series of short animations aimed at 3-10 year olds. In each episode, two characters (Cellina + Marcell) captivate children with their own journeys in confronting different scenarios of Sickle Cell. Without the use of dialogue, the cartoons work like silent films, resolving language barriers, with gestures and facial expressions narrating the story.
FUTURE FLAMES. Design for an alternative rock band that I used to be in back when I was young, with nothing more than a shit indonesian bass guitar and a pocket full of dreams. + Typographic Video.
ATOM OF EVERYTHING. Whats the Matter? All we see, hear, smell, taste + touch. A brand of everything. Animated atomic symbols + logo, typeface, posters, stickers. Sold Out.
PREPARE TO BE AMAZED. Winner D+AD Best of Year. V+A Museum collaboration project. Maze design hoarding, with QR interactive public space. 
MISTAKES. Contemporary concrete poem from a series entitled Read Between The Words. Highlights definitions within words. I Make Mistakes As Mistakes Make Me
EUROPEAN ALLIANCE FOR HUMAN RIGHTS IN NORTH KOREA. The European Alliance for Human Rights in North Korea is a humanitarian organisation formed in London in January 2013. It comprises of a group of young activists, journalists, and academics, who joined together in response to the grave human rights situation in North Korea.
AMERICAFE. Tastebud USA. Presidential eating, fast food without the highway to heaven. Rest your voting hand on an apron and swear to the cookery bible. Say grace. It must be noted that as lovely as the caesar and burger photography is, it is not my own.